ACME certificate installation and renewals for HCL Domino™ and Sametime™

CertMatica™ is software that automates the installation and renewal of ACME TLS/SSL certificates for your Domino and Sametime environments. Obtaining valid TLS/SSL certificates from issuers such as Let's Encrypt™ is now a common option for websites. However, installing and maintaining up-to-date these certificates on a Domino server can be a challenge. Let CertMatica take care of managing the process for you and keep your data private as it travels over Domino-supported HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols.

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TLS/SSL certificate management for HCL Domino™

Aperture™ is a lightweight, responsive desktop application that helps simplify the process of managing TLS/SSL certificates for the HCL Domino™ platform. It allows you to visually add, remove and inspect certificates and keys present in Domino keyrings using an interface that conveniently integrates Domino’s KYRTool and OpenSSL.

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